Stephen Schlesinger


Home: 500 W 111th St., Apt. 4A, NY, NY 10025


Harvard University 1964
American History and Literature

BA, Cum Laude

Peterhouse, Cambridge University
l965, Cambridge, England

Certificate of Study
in European History

Harvard Law School          l968

LLB Urban Law, JD

Professional Experience:

Fellow, The Century Foundation


Wrote new introduction to John F.
Kennedy’s book, Why England Slept

Praeger, 2016

Co-editor 2013, The Letters of Arthur
Schlesinger Jr.

Random House,

Co-editor 2007, Journals 1952-2000
Arthur Schlesinger Jr.

Penguin Press, 2007

Director, The World Policy Institute
1997–2006: managed $1.4
million annual budget (including
grants); supervised 25 Senior Fellows;
directed all public programming;
served as Publisher of The World Policy
Journal; inaugurated Graduate Program in
International Affairs, Fall 2001

New School University

Author, Act of Creation: The
Founding of the United Nations

Perseus/ Westview, 2003
Reissued by
Hachette/Basic Books

Special Advisor to Dr. Wally N’Dow,
Secretary-General of Habitat II
Sept. 1995- May 1997

United Nations
New York

Visiting Scholar, New York University Taub
Urban Research Ct. 1995-1997

Wagner School of
Public Service, NYU

Director For International Organizations,
New York State Department of Economic
Development, 1990-1995

Gov. Cuomo

Foreign Policy Advisor, speechwriter for
Governor Cuomo, 1983 to 1990; handled
international issues, visits of foreign leaders,
accompanied Gov. on 1987 USSR trip

Gov. Cuomo

Served as member of NDI international
election observer teams in Bulgaria (June
1990), Guatemala (October 1990),
and Paraguay (May 1993)

National Democratic
Institute, Washington DC

Bitter Fruit: The Untold Story of the US of
the US Coup in Guatemala
(with Stephen Kinzer)

Doubleday, 1982
Reissued by Harvard
University Press

The New York Post, June l978
to December l978

NY Post Editorial/
Political Writer

TIME Magazine 1974-1978

Staff Writer: Press &
Nation sections

The Boston Globe l973-l974

Weekly Columnist of
“The L’t’ry Life”

Author, The New Reformers on new
movements among women, blacks,
ethnics and unions

Published in 1975 by
Houghton Mifflen (Boston,Mass.)

Speechwriter for Sen.
McGovern’s campaign, 1972

For Pres. campaign

The New Democrat 1969-72

Founded and edited
monthly journal on
progressive politics

N.Y. State Urban
Development Corp., 1968

Legal advisor to
President, Ed Logue

Speechwriter for Sen.
McGovern’s campaign, 1972

For Pres. campaign

Teaching Experience:

Adjunct Professor

School of International
and Public Affairs
Columbia University, 2011

Adjunct Professor in American

New School for Social
Research, 1976-77

Teaching Fellow in English Composition

Harvard University, l968

Legal Experience:

Summer Associate

Williams and Connelly
Washington, DC 1967

Legal Advisor to Ed Logue

President, New York State
Urban Development Corp.


National Press Club Certificate of Appreciation, 1973.

Finalist for the 1978 National Magazine Award for article,
“How Dulles Worked the Coup D’Etat”, in The Nation Magazine.

Bitter Fruit, Doubleday Inc.’s nominee to Pulitzer
Prize Awards, 1982; selected by The New York
Times as one of the “notable” books of l982.

Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations, winner
of the 2004 Harry S. Truman Book Award.

Received major reviews for four books in The Sunday New York Times Book Review – Bitter Fruit, written by Warren Hoge (1982), Act of Creation, by Amb. Richard Holbrooke (2003), Journals 1952-2000 Arthur Schlesinger Jr, written by Maureen Dowd (2007) and The Letters of Arthur Schlesinger Jr, written by George Packer (2013).

Certificate of Appreciation, The Center for Cryptologic History,
National Security Agency

Frederick Lewis Allen Room Scholar, NY Public Library 1979-81

Visiting Scholar, New York University, Wagner School of Public
Service, Taub Urban Research Center, 1995-97


Special Editor, The Harvard Review (Harvard 1963-64);
Contributing writer to The Village Voice (1968-72);
Editor & Publisher of The New Democrat (1969-72); Weekly
columnist for The Boston Globe (1973-74); Staff writer for
Time Magazine (1974-1978); Chief Political correspondent for
The New York Post (1978); author of articles for such
publications as The New York Times Op-Ed Page, Vogue, New
York Magazine, Harper’s, Newsday Op-Ed Page, The Washington
Post Outlook Section, etc; author of The New Reformers
(Houghton Mifflen 1975), coauthor of Bitter Fruit
(Doubleday/Anchor 1982) over 100,000 copies sold, and author
of Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations
(Westview Press, 2004) on the 1945 Conference in San
Francisco; coeditor, Journals 1952-2000 Arthur Schlesinger
Jr.(Penguin, 2007); coeditor, The Letters of Arthur Schlesinger Jr
(Random House 2013); contributed chapters to Abuse Your
Illusions (New York: Disinformation Press, 2002), The Maze
of Fear: Security and Migration After 9/11 (Washington:
Social Science Research Council, 2004), Challenges of
Globalization: New Trends in International Politics and
Society (USA: Transaction Publishers, 2005), The Brilliant Art of
Peace: Lectures from the Kofi Annan Series (Washington: The
United States Institute of Peace, 2013), The Charter of The United
Nations (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014).

Memberships & Listings:

Council on Foreign Relations; Overseas Press Club; United
Nations Correspondents Association; Century Association;
PEN; Board of Governors, Roosevelt Institute; Selection
Committee, British Atlantic Fellowships, 1995, 1996;
Selection Committee, Voice of America Cowan Award 1998;
Author’s Guild; listed in “Contemporary Authors”, Wikipedia,
Dictionary of International Biography, Who’s Who In America,
Who’s Who In The World, Who’s Who In The East; Judge for
2002 Robert Kennedy Book Awards; served as Principal For
A Day at FLAGS High School in the Bronx, 4/19/02; Foreign
Policy Association Fellow, 2004-on; Roosevelt Fellow, 2007;
Member, Global Affairs Advisory Board, McKinnon Center,
Occidental College; UN Alliance of Civilizations, Global
Expert (2010-present); Honorary Chairperson, Frank Church
Institute, Boise State University; Member, Int’l Advisory Bd
of International Peace Institute; Member, Advisory Board of website

Television & Radio Appearances:

Commentator and expert analyst on CNN (4/82;
11/7/97; 6/19/98; 2/5/00; 1/28/01; CNN international
12/21/99); CNN En Espanol (10/15/02); The Today Show (4/82);
Fox Cable News Network(2/17/98 & 4/13/98 & 4/25/99 & 5/11/99
& 5/16/99 & 12/5/02 and 9/25/03) and Fox Ch. 5 Good Day
Street Talk 6/20/99 and Fox Chan.46 Bill O’Reilly Show
2/13/02; MSNBC, Joe Scarborough Show, 4/28/03; moderated C-
Span WPI Forums (12/12/98 & 11/4/02); KRON-TV San Francisco
(10/24/03); Japanese Television (Fuji)(8/20/98); Canadian
Broadcasting Company (CBC) Morning Show, 2/20/03; WebFN
Cable TV on 3/15/03; Book TV on C-Span2 (3/27& 6/28/04 &
11/4/07); Diplomatic License on CNN International, 4/04 &
8/26/05; C-Span Washington Journal 12/12/04; PBS documentary
on UN’s Founding “Workshop For Peace” 10/24/05; Ron Silver’s
documentary, “Broken Promises: The United Nations at
60” October, 2005; Global Connections (half-hour) TV
interview on UN 9/6/07; PressTV 2/20/09; numerous radio shows,
including National Public Radio, BBC, The Larry King Show and the
Financial News Network. See full additional listings for TV and
radio appearances 2016-2024 on website
under “Events”.

Documentary Appearances:

A Coup: Made in America, produced by Canadian TV series “Turning Points in History” (1999)

The CIA Declassified, on the 1954 coup in Guatemala, produced by the Discovery Channel (2014)


The United Nations 75 Years On, production by China Global Television Network (CGTN), in English (Sept. 2020)

Cold War Code-Breaking, ZDF German Public Television, documentary on code breaking during the Cold War, including the US Army Signals operations at the 1945 UN Conference in San Francisco, in German (2019)

La Cour des Grands, How France joined the UN Security Council in 1945 – produced by French Channel 5 and O2B Films (in French) (2017)

Planet UN: The United Nations Confronting the Challenges of the 21st Century – a Swiss documentary (2008) produced by Kino Fur Morgen in English and French

Going Global With The UN, produced by Miller & Associates (2008)

America’s Senator, on Arthur Vandenberg at the SF Conference produced by International Pictures (2007)

A Workshop for Peace,, produced by the UN’s Department of Public Information (2006)

Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60, narrated by Ron Silvers, produced by Peace River Company and Citizens United Foundation (2005)

Inside The Glass Building: Interviews with UN Secretaries-General – a Swiss documentary on the UN, produced by Kino Fur Morgen with English language version available at Films For The Humanities (2005)

In Search Of Peace: 50 Years of the United States in the United Nations — a Turner Broadcasting System documentary (produced on October 23, 1995)


Kennedy, a six-hour documentary on JFK’s life and legacy, produced by Ashton Gleckman, Blackbird Pictures, Indianapolis, Indiana (2021) Release date TBD

1937: The Last Year of Innocence — a documentary on JFK’s travels in Europe in 1937, produced by joint French-German TV venture, Meinwerk Film GmbH, and filmed (May 2017), based on my introduction to reissued version of Kennedy’s first book, “Why England Slept.”

Four Died Trying, about the impact on America of the assassinations of John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr, produced by Libby Handros (October 2020) Release date 2024-25


A Measure of a Giant – A documentary produced by ITV France and filmed for Arte TV Channel, a joint German-French venture on the actor Charlton Heston’s transition from a liberal activist to conservative promotor of the NRA and other right-wing causes.

Nine appearances on C-Span – See full list on

Past Lectures:

Royce Carlton Lecture Agency, 1984-8;
University of Minnesota at Duluth; University of -7-

Wisconsin at Superior; University of Missouri at Kansas
City; Harvard; Columbia; New School; Occidental College;
Adelphi University; Fletcher School at Tufts; Cardozo Law
School; New York University; University of Virginia Law
School; Hunter College; The UN Secretary-General’s Lecture
Series, October 11, 2006 introduced by Kofi Annan (prior
speakers: Amartya Sen, Leon Botstein, Desmond Tutu, Joseph
Stiglitz, Jeffrey Sachs, Toni Morrison — available at;
Bosie (Idaho)State University; Moscow State University.