Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations

Act of Creation tells a pivotal and little-known story of how Secretary of State Edward Stettinius and the new American president, Harry Truman, picked up the pieces of the faltering campaign initiated by Franklin Roosevelt to create a “United Nations” at the 1945 San Francisco Conference. Using secret agents, financial resources, and their unrivaled position of power, they overcame the intrigues of Stalin, the reservations of wartime allies like Winston Churchill, the discontent of smaller states, and a skeptical press corps to found the United Nations. The book sheds new light on, among others, leading participants like John Foster Dulles, John F. Kennedy, Adlai Stevenson, Nelson Rockefeller, and E.B. White. Act of Creation is the classic account of the birth of the most important and legendary global organization on the planet. In 2004, the book won the Harry S. Truman book award. The publisher is Westview Press.

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